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Bulgarian Treasures
13.May.2014   15:27:26
Димитър Бранков

13.May.2014   15:27:09
Даниела Бранкова


Bulgarian Treasures

Discover the Bulgarian Treasures and plan your tour arounds the bulgarian historical and ecological sights.

We all know the biblical parable about the creation of the world. We know the legend and how the Lord, distributing land among certain populations appear to be among the Bulgarians with empty hands. Some say he shake his bag of small pieces of land other joys and arranged in Bulgaria - picturesque and varied. But others found to be empty, the Lord is ashamed and decided to give up a piece of his greatest creation - heaven.

Such stories are told and elsewhere. Here in Bulgaria, our 110,843 km ² tapchem daily plowing and rich layers of history. Our lands contain evidence of ancient cultures and civilizations long iztleli.

For human nature is inherently headlong progress commensurate with the latest and most modern art. Very often lose momentum in this connection with centuries of accumulated knowledge and ignoring the achievements of his predecessors was considered parvootkrivateli.

Our today's "meeting" with their roots and give meaning to our lives determines these latitudes. If you do not miss a hurry, we'll have the chance to earn this land because it is endowed us with all its treasures, but do not belong to us.



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